The North Star offers cutting-edge technology in an attractive, clean, wood burning fireplace. These fireplaces burn very clean & are extremely efficient, providing over 60,000 BTU's of heat/hr for up to 12 hrs

Northstar - Fireplaces
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Montecito Estate

With outstanding heat output & high efficiency operation, the Montecito Estate wood-burning fireplace excels. The 4.0 cu.ft. firebox with 30" log capacity is one of the largest in its category.

Montecito Estate - Fireplaces
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EPA Certified/WA state approved wood burning fireplace! Boasting 60,000 BTU/hr input and up to 10 hr burn time it can heat your whole home. Easy to install & adapts to 6" class A chimney.

Z42CD - Fireplaces
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The Energy Master wood burning fireplace delivers generous warmth & solid radiant heat, getting the most from your wood.

EM415 - Fireplaces
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This wood burning fireplace offers a dramatic 42" viewing area. Designed with double walls on the sides & top where heat collects. This traps heat that radiates through the first wall which is lost in traditional fireplaces.

EM485T - Fireplaces
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Exclaim Series

This wood burning fireplace offers viewing areas of magnificent proportions. With choices and an array of door options, our clean-faced woodburning fireplaces can turn any living area.

Exclaim Series - Fireplaces
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Royal Hearth Series

Enjoy blazing wood-burning fires with the Royal Hearth series of wood burning fireplaces. Available in a 36" or 42" viewing area. Large viewing area, less exposed metal, and more design options.

Royal Hearth Series - Fireplaces
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The Accelerator wood burning fireplace features meticulous craftsmanship & multiple fronts add individual style. Available in 36" or 42" viewing with option of radiant/convection heat.

Accelerator - Fireplaces
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The Ruthford wood burning fireplace series offers robust performance & the appearance of a masonry fireplace - all at the fraction of the cost. Available in 36", 42" or 50" viewing areas.

Rutherford - Fireplaces
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The SC60 wood burning fireplace produces & distributes warmth incredibly well. Stainless steel tubes & a strong blower move heat out into the room. Air kit & flue damper let you control flames & heat output

SC60 - Fireplaces
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The Pier-40 wood burning fireplace spreads warmth & ambiance. Elegantly divide a room & savor your fire from any angle. A clean face design blends interior design with this attractive fireplace.

Pier-40 - Fireplaces
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HST See-Through

Heat-n-Glo see-through wood burning fireplaces let you fill two spaces with authentic warmth & ambiance. Define two rooms with attractive finishing options for each side. Available in 36" or 42" viewing areas.

HST See-Through - Fireplaces
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The Bay-40 wood burning fireplace is a modern twist on tradition. A stunning design showcases roaring fires from multiple angles and the firebrick interior increases efficiency and warmth.

Bay-40 - Fireplaces
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The Montgomery wood burning fireplace European cast iron front provides aesthetic appeal & the latest fireplace technology makes it a smart, clean, renewable energy choice. Heats up to 2,000 sq ft with a 20" log length

Montgomery - Fireplaces
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This high-efficiency wood-burning fireplace has Double-Air Combustion control to enjoy a continuous fire without the need for reignites. Up to 1,500 sq ft of heating with an 18" log length.

Ladera - Fireplaces
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Brentwood LV

This fireplace features a clean-face design, smooth refractory-lined firebox & adds a touch of elegance. Meets EPA Phase II-certified & WA state emissions (3.7 gr/hr), up to 55,000 BTU/hr* heats up to 1,500 sq. ft.*

Brentwood LV - Fireplaces
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