Renaissance Rumford 1000 Wood-Burning Fireplace

Renaissance Rumford 1000 Wood-Burning Fireplace

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Renaissance Rumford 1000 wood-burning Fireplace

  • 28 1/4" wide x 29" high viewing area - 1,023 sq. in. of glass
  • Unique guillotine ceramic glass door and screen
  • Low EPA emissions - cleanest burning open fireplace on the market

The Renaissance Rumford wood burning fireplace model is the world's first certified open-door clean-burning fireplace. The design is taken from a true Rumford masonry fireplace, making it much taller than a traditional fireplace. The shape of a Rumford fireplace is renowned for an unparalleled level of performance. True Rumford fireplaces have a specific shape. Features include a shallow firebox, angled sides, and a curved throat. The curved throat section of the Rumford model creates laminar airflow into the chimney flue and reduces air turbulence in the firebox. The results are a strong draft, easy lighting, and no smoke in the home. For more information: Click Here 

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