Quadra-Fire Outfitter II Pellet Stove

Quadra-Fire Outfitter II Pellet Stove


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Quadra-Fire Outfitter II Pellet Stove


Enjoy peace of mind with a reliable, efficient warmth and lower fuel bills. The Outfitter II is built for long continuous burns with a 130lb. hopper - twice the size of most stoves. And it's easy to set your comfort level with the dial control or wall thermostat. There's no better choice to replace your old pellet stove or switch from wood to pellets, and "live green" by burning a renewable, clean-burning fuel.

  • Heat large spaces of up to 2,300 square feet depending on climate and home efficiency
  • Load less often with the 130-pound hopper capacity
  • Control with ease using the color dial control and wall thermostat
  • Use less fuel with Higher Heating Value (HHV) efficiency of 82 percent
  • EPA-certified and Federal Biomass Tax Credit-qualified

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