Ciao Wood Burning Oven

Ciao Wood Burning Oven

Ciao Wood Burning Oven


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Refractory floor and stainless-steel dome. It quickly reaches operating temperature and its door includes a window to allow you to inspect cooking as it goes along. This wood-burning oven is the best way to back pizzas, bread, roasts, mixed grills (meat, fish, and veggies), casseroles, desserts, basically anything you can do in a run-of-the-mill oven with the definite plus of the healthiness and genuineness that only wood cooking can offer. Easy to move and easier to use. 

Top Only - $2,199.00

With Legs - $2,488.00

  • Number of pizzas: 2
  • Batch of bread - 4, 4lbs 
  • Fuel: Wood
  • Number of people: 8 to 18
  • Maximum temperature: 500°C (1000°F)
  • Available in the Top, Top + base or Top + table version.
  • Oven floor size - 27.5" x 15.7", 3 cubic ft
  • Stainless-steel dome enables it to reach high temperatures with low firewood consumption.
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