Regency Chicago Corner Series two-sided Gas Fireplace

Regency Chicago Corner Series two-sided Gas Fireplace

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Regency Chicago Corner Series two-sided Gas Fireplace - Available in a 40", 50", 60", or 72" lengths 

  • Available in left or right side corner
  • Clean uninterrupted view of the fire
  • Invisible glass safety barrier
  • Reflective enamel or glass panels to accentuate the flame picture
  • Place a TV right above the fire
  • Standard accent lighting
  • Use wood or sheetrock right up to glass opening 

The Regency City Series linear gas fireplace features a seamless clear view of the fire with the ability to be integrated into any decor style. The 40", 50", 60" or 72" corner two-sided fireplace has a clean uninterrupted view of the fire without the need of a safety screen front. Reflective enamel panels extenuate the flame picture and the standard interior lights added a warm glow. You can use any finishing material right to the edge of the fireplace, even wood! Features cool wall touch technology so you mount a TV directly above the fireplace with no restrictions.

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For more information about this multi sided gas fireplace please visit the Regency Fireplace products page: Click Here to visit the Regency Fire Products website.

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