Napoleon Stylus Series

Napoleon Stylus Series

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Napoleon Stylus Series Electric Fireplaces 

Cara - 59" wide - $999.00
Cara Elite - 59" wide - $1,399.00
Steinfeld - 53" wide - $999.00

The stylus is as much an elegant focal point as it is a functional source of heat for large rooms. Control the eye-catching flame color and brightness of this Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace, while the ember bed is lit from the bottom to create the ultimate in customization. Perfect for your modern decor or to take your current design to a new transitional feel. The Stylus also features a spotlight for favored decor items on its built-in shelf and smart LED, double USB plug that indicates when your mobile device has finished charging. The Elite model features extras like smart technology integration. Weather and information display, auto timer, and voice control integration. 


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