Kozy Heat Carlton 46 Gas Fireplace

Kozy Heat Carlton 46 Gas Fireplace

  • Very large 46" viewing area
  • Up to 45,000 BTU's with split flow burner, can turn down to 17,000 BTU's 
  • Includes multi-function remote control and fan kit
  • Optional interior brick, ledgestone, or reflective firebox
  • Many screen fronts to choose from 

Benefit from a clean look and one of the largest viewing areas on the market. With beautiful large flames and detailed logs, this gas fireplace will be the centerpiece of your home. 

As an ideal contemporary heating solution, the Carlton 46 benefits from a wide range of design options. This enables customization to meet your exact specifications. Because it’s a direct vent model, it can be placed almost anywhere in the home; with flexible venting connecting it to the outside world, air is allowed to flow around the fire bin when necessary.

A Traditional Gas Fireplace that Offers Excellent Energy-Efficiency

Energy-efficiency is always an important consideration when selecting a suitable heating appliance. Not only does better efficiency mean lower bills, saving fuel is also environmentally important. The Carlton 46 has been assessed as being Canada P-4 approved at 67%/71% AFUE. It also performs at 45,000 BTU/hr input when using natural gas and 45,000 BTU/hr input for LP. Its high efficiency is defined as 73% for natural gas and 76% for LP gas. Overall, the Carlton 46 makes a cost-effective and economical addition to any home.

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